A Note to Wellness Coordinators

Please use this "Super Helpful Materials for Wellness Coordinators" section to help you prepare the launch and ongoing promotion of the course throughout the duration of your license.

The biggest challenge of any wellness program is getting people through the door. It’s imperative that each employee has the opportunity (or many opportunities) to understand exactly what the Eat Right for Life® (or Happiness Plan) program is and why taking it is going to bring such great value to their lives. (You could let them know how excited you are to be offering them free access to programs that are normally $150 - $250 per person!)

It's a good idea to create several marketing strategies to give every employee an opportunity to be moved to take action – the action being enrolling in the course. Once they’re through the door and enrolled, there should be follow ups to incentivize them to continue taking the course all the way through to completion.

We’ve seen that companies have the greatest success when they offer incentives of true value. Those could be discounts on health insurance premiums, gift certificates (research says even $25 does a lot), books (you can order copies of Dr. Ann’s books through our publisher WELCOA at a steep discount), merchandise, gift certificates to stores or healthy restaurants. Contests can be a powerful tool as well.

WELCOA offers incredible resources for wellness coordinators. Their blog has great content. This link takes you to a piece about Systematically Increasing Participation – it’s free, you just have to sign up to access it.

Thank you for your commitment to helping others lead healthier lives! We know you will do great things.

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