Teaser Flyers

Take advantage of our "teaser flyers" to promote the course in your workplace! These images may be exported from the PowerPoint to be included in digital communications or printed to hang in common areas.

Simply download the PowerPoint and customize the text as you see fit. (*Note that sometimes PowerPoint files don't translate perfectly from computer to computer. It's possible that this PowerPoint, once downloaded, does not reflect the version we created in our studio. For that reason, we've included a PDF copy of our version so you can see our design. You may have to adjust the fonts on your end, but the important parts are there!)

The point is, the more your employees are exposed to this special opportunity and reminded of their unique access to this amazing course, the higher your participation rate will be!

To export the images, select File, Export, then choose the location on your computer where you'd like to save the images, under File Format, select JPG or PNG, select Save Every Slide, and then Export. (See images below.)


Promo Images for ERFL Rec Web.pdf
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