How to Eat to Lower Inflammation

Strategies That Work to Cool Down & Feel Better NOW

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The realization that inflammation is the primary driver of illness and disease is one of the greatest bio-medical revelations of the last 30 years. From heart disease to cancer to obesity to depression, not to mention pain and fatigue, inflammation is ultimately why we get sick. And now we know the cure: diet and lifestyle - with diet being the master lever.

In this Training Dr. Ann covers it all. Learn the complete list of anti-inflammatory foods and how to bring them into your diet. Learn the complete list of pro-inflammatory foods and how to get them out. And last, learn the lifestyle strategies that have been proven to lower toxic inflammation and heal your brain and body from the inside out.

Bottom line: The information in this training is indispensable if you want to be healthy.

This class is for YOU if you’re ready to…

  • Eat your way to better health–both mentally and physically
  • Choose the very best inflammation-quieting foods
  • Avoid the foods that definitively increase inflammation
  • Take advantage of the lifestyle steps for decreasing harmful inflammation
  • Douse the fire of ravaging inflammation in your body, and keep it out!

What You Get ...(besides a much cooler You!)

  • Over 2-Hours of Inspirational Teaching from Dr. Ann - Includes valuable Q&A at the end!
  • Detailed Instructional Handouts and "Plans of Action" for all directives
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Grocery Shopping Guide
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Cheat Sheet to post on your fridge


"Dr. Ann has an uncanny knack of making complicated things simple to understand - and that's worth its weight in gold when it comes to your health." - David Hunnicutt, PhD, CEO, Wellness Council of America

Your Instructor

Ann Kulze M.D.
Ann Kulze M.D.
  • Physician
  • Renowned Nutrition and Wellness Expert
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Passionate Foodie and Kitchen Whiz
  • Medical School Valedictorian
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Founder and CEO of The Healthy Living School
  • Expert in National Media – The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah and Friends Radio, WebMD, Time, Prevention, US News and World Report, among many others
  • Wife and mother of 4
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does a lifetime sound? You will have indefinite access to this training and its contents.
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No. This course is only for the individual who purchases it. Sharing course login details or viewing it with others is a copyright violation.

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