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The world-class employee wellness program you've been waiting for.

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The foods we eat determine the fate of our bodies.

With electrifying energy and passion, Dr. Ann brilliantly transforms the compelling body of science as it relates to diet and health into a program that is simple, fun, delicious and ultra-practical. Your employees will be motivated and entertained, but most importantly, they will walk away with take-action-today inspiration and all the "know-how" to eat right for a long, active, and vital life.

Who Should Take This Course

-Healthy people who want to maximize their wellness and prevent future chronic diseases

-People who want to prevent, reverse, or improve chronic disease states including: obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease etc.

-People who want to lose weight

-People who want to boost energy, vitality and mental well-being

-People who want to lower levels of pain and inflammation in their bodies

-In short, EVERYONE!

What You Get (It's Incredible.)

-16 instructional video modules (5 hours 8 minutes total)

-Detailed handouts for each section

-Comprehensive "plans of action" for each section

-Short quizzes for each module

-Supportive video tips for each section (52 total)

-Supportive podcasts for each section (15 total)

-Supportive special bonus handouts for each section

-FAQs (Dr. Ann answers your most common questions in video)

-Dr. Ann's best kitchen video tips (taking what you learn into the kitchen to make it all happen!)

-8 weeks of Dr. Ann's dinner menus (her family's favorites!)

-Course completion certificate

Your Instructor

Ann Kulze M.D.
Ann Kulze M.D.
  • Physician, medical school valedictorian
  • Renowned nutrition and wellness expert
  • Best-selling author
  • Professional speaker
  • Founder and CEO of Just Wellness, LLC
  • Expert in national media – The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah and Friends Radio, WebMD, Time, Prevention, US News and World Report, among others
  • Wife, foodie, and mother of 4
  • Click here for FULL BIO






For questions, contact us at info@drannwellness.com or by calling 843-329-1238.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do my employees have access to the course?
We offer both a 3-month and a 12-month license for full access to all course materials.
Is the course self-paced or can the content be gradually released?
Yes, we can "drip" course content at a pace that you request. Because this involves special customization, we charge an additional 5% of the total license fee for this arrangement.
Is tracking available?
Absolutely. Once a month, upon request, we can send a spreadsheet report containing each student's name, email, their rank compared to other students in the course, the approximate amount of time the user has been enrolled in the course, and the percentage of the user’s course completion.
How do I offer enrollment for my employees?
It's quick and easy! We'll send you a "unique, just for your organization" link that you simply share with your employees in a manner that is best for you. You may provide access to the course by placing the link on your organization's intranet site (for example, a private wellness portal) or by emailing the link to your employees directly. (*Note: the link may not be placed on any public domain.) Once an employee clicks the link, they will be prompted to register by entering their name and email, which then gives them access to the course in its entirety.
Is the course available for employee-dependents (spouses)?
Yes. If the total number of employees, plus the total number of eligible spouses does not exceed the tier in which the total number of employees lies, there is no additional charge. If the total for employees and eligible spouses exceeds the tier, there will be an additional 20% charge for your license. For questions please write info@drannwellness.com or call 843-329-1238.
Do you offer materials to help promote enrollment and participation?
You bet! We've put together several materials including headshots of Dr. Ann, fun facts from her biography, flyers, testimonials and the Meet Dr. Ann video. You can use these in any communications you send - the more, the better!

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